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I am Chenghao Yu, an undergraduate student from Zhengzhou, China, studying in St. Lawrence University as a freshman in Canton, the United States. Chinese is my first language and I can speak English as well.

Before studying in the American university, I lived and studied in Zhengzhou for 18 years. I attended the Chinese college entrance examination in 2018, but instead of choosing a Chinese college, I took a TOEFL test and applied the American university. It is always my belief that challenging myself with exploring the unknown makes my life meaningful.

I work-out every day and play basketball at the weekend. I am not a formal bodybuilder or good basketball player. I exercise for relax and keep a healthy body to enjoy my life.

I am interested in economics and psychology. I will choose these two subjects as my majors and I am going to apply a law school after graduating from undergraduate school.



 在在美国上大学之前, 我在郑州学习生活了18年。我参加了高考但是我并没有选择在中国上大学, 而是通过托福考试申请了美国大学。我永远坚信探索未知让我的人生更有意义。



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